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The New EMM2

2007-11-03 11:30:13 by dubrovnik

the New EMM2 is better made, animated, harder, no glitches, no cheats, improved, impossible, EXTREME!!


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2007-11-04 11:11:00

Hey whats up?

dubrovnik responds:

nothing... :D well im starting EMM2 on the weekend well.. second lvl


2007-12-22 13:45:29

Pretty cool.


2007-12-22 13:58:26

well not impossible. but it keeps messing up so i guess i need to start again! :( sorry


2007-12-22 14:09:17

Atleast you have the ability to make these movies/games i cant even imagine me doing it. :P


2008-09-15 11:46:09

good news im on level 5 or something. I hope to release before 13/10/08 13th October 2008 (My Birthday)